Our mobile clinic, affectionately named “Big Cat,” is a 43′ diesel-powered mobile clinic with two exam rooms that are well-equipped for primary care. We also have an SUV that allows us to visit sites when taking the Big Cat is not an option.


We can help with the management of routine medical problems


Screenings for common medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

We recommend that anyone needing pap smears, mammography, and other women’s health services contact their local health department.


We can help with minor surgery such as  cryotherapy, repair of minor lacerations, mole removals, drainage of minor abscesses, wound debridement, nail removal, etc.

Elective minor surgeries will be offered as time permits, and may need to be scheduled.


We can help cover the cost of selected generic medications for up to 3 months.

Patients needing help with ongoing medications may qualify for patient assistance programs offered by many pharmaceutical companies. Patients should enroll in these programs through their doctor, through the Pharmacy Connection, or through one of the area community health centers (see referrals).


Empowering through education; providing information about other outreach programs and services.


Christian-based counseling is offered when appropriate.


While we do not perform dental services onboard, a few area dentists graciously donate a portion of their time to provide our patients with basic dental needs. Patients wanting such a dental referral must be first seen in the Crossroads clinic.


Labs such as finger-stick glucose, urinalysis, and urine pregnancy testing are available onboard. Limited outside labs are performed at by Quest.


We refer patients to community health centers, health departments, mental health agencies, social services, and to other providers when appropriate.

Patients needing specialist care are advised to contact a community health center for primary care for potential referral to the University of Virginia (UVa) teaching hospital clinics.


Medical Mission

P.O. Box 16852

Bristol, VA  24209-6852